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ah, fuck it all

an assemblage of darkness

anorexic dream of a vexed skeleton, the

at the heart of lonely

poems from the third rail


all my chakras singing

all my tulpas dancing

all the seats are taken in the working class

and if you think

ballad of a pre-lapsarian fruit seller, the

banging on the humdrum

battle of silver spoon slander, a

be leaf turning over

bildungsroman of roman buildings

blanked verse

blast femurs

blood deep

blotting paper over your rorschach

bouquet of evil from ophelia, a

breaking the wired jaw

broken poetry in sandwiches hurts my teeth

broken songs with clockwork hearts

buildings roman

bunch for ophelia, a

burning lights

bustling crowd, funeral shroud

calibration curve, a

catalogue of emotional failures, a


celebrating the hinge

champagne for nuclear disarmament

children we buried in ourselves, the

civil writes

collection of stolen wings, a

contrarian in me, the

conversations over the skull breakfast bowl

Cursory Chimes

data driven prose

Day Events Pomes Vol.1

Day Events Pomes Vol.2

Day Events Pomes Vol.3

dead air

delicate wreckage tangle

dishes in the kitchen sink drama

drug of voice, the

dying lights i watched, the

echoing the howl

erode your uniqueness

fed by the feed

first world problems poetry

flagellants with jam on toast on a breezy sunday morning

four branches split

fracturing diamonds, birthing lasers

from a to z and back again

fuck fuzz purple

fucked head of block

Fuck Tunnel Bastard Hole

fuckwit poet

the fudgeking hobscene

funk pitch poems

Gathering Driftwood

getting off the deathbed

guillotine and a molotov, a

happy philosophy of go fuck yourself, a

have holy curiosity


headfuck trip of a new magician, the

head hue gated

heart of a digger, the

heavy cream

i ain't the screwed on head

i am a bastard poet vol 2

i am a broken astronaut

i am a set sun, dad's a stream

i am finally become boss

i am my own ghost

i am the flower you burned

i have to ask who am i now?

i lay down amongst the weeds

i was never dreaming of nails in my palms

idiom attic

if a billion hearts were detonated simultaneously

in vivo

impossible shapes of i, the

inappropriate poetry of maths, the

introspective healing circle

it's an eye dear

jazz paint headfuck

just another ineffective prayerbook

juxtaposing building blocks

knew new news noose


late saints of the page

leaves turn over

leavings and offerings

leer hick, po etcetera

life has cancer causing properties

life through the eyes of a cynic

lion by-line

a little corner of cancer

living in the inch of itch

long and, the

long langue tongue

lyric all, the

magnetic poetry

masculine realm of wholly men, the

the meaning in my words

melanic depths

mirror aerial


mused ich

my parabola, your umbrella

myth of balance, the

the mythical land of ethical politicians

never did no drug flush

no hyde here

no, i'd hear

none of the memories left

obscurantism spread

one hundred drops of rain

our paralysis in your analysis


pages against the machine

the palisades of everyday


passed lives

past each

paul can write too

the perplexing paraphernalia of the secret school of post rapture blues musicians

the philosophy of the swingdoor

poem a day


poem cents

poems for post fact politics

poems like empty suitcases


poetry darknet

poetry for the small people

pome wasn't built in a day

pomes still rattling in the head

portmanteau graveyard

post modern clusterfuck, a

pp political poetry


protest poems

punk jazz poetry

purity of a cold heart, the

Random Bullshit Arcline Burning

random poetry drop off point

reality ink future holdings

reciprocal thinking



sad ballads for the half-arrived

salting the tongue

shallow and prolific (SAP)

shelf portrait

signs that usher in nightfall

simple maths bastard

slipped into the mythic all

smoke songs

some new mythology

some odd fucking shit

some people


speakeasy beats, the

spirit clockwork brainstorm

spitting colour

still-frame life, a

Stupid Songs

sugar skull in the rain


terrific underdog, a

that which complicates faith

this fingerhold

tongues not tongs

traveller, the


turning off the bigot spigot

under the blistering son

useful fuel

verse if i

wad poems

we beat poets

we used to drink


the whirred of the day

wishing stars, insect conscience, and lies

wry hand