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1. Early Life[edit]

Paul Grimsley was born on January 26th 1975 at St Leonards Hospital in Sudbury, Suffolk to Patricia Grimsley (Nee Nolan) and Roy Grimsley at 3:30 pm. He had dark hair and blue eyes, and a bronchial condition, and a squashed nose.

His parents lived in Clare, Suffolk at the time, in their first house Lowicks.

They moved for a year to a house at Westfields in the same town, and thereafter to Stour Vale. Shortly after their second son, Paul's brother Ryan James Grimsley was born

At 5 he read the Bible from cover to cover, and went to his father with questions about the nature of the first cause.

Also at 5 he wrote his first book - based on a Doctor Who Dinosaur Book.

Also around this age he created the character of Zark and the Emperor Gorgon, two characters locked in an epic space opera that he would draw characters from, and act out for years. It was a creation that his brother was also inspired by and added to.

2. Teenage Years[edit]

The first serious foray into writing was a short story called Rancidity Symphony and a book of poetry called Life Through The Eyes Of A Cynic and a time travel story called Placeholder written at the age of 15. Up until this point most of the creative output that Paul had been engaged in was in the form of art or comics.

At 16 he discovered Kerouac, William Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg, and really embraced the sensibilities of The Beat Generation, and influence that would stay with him through the rest of his life. At the same time, and in the same library, he was researching Celtic Mythology in the Encyclopedia Brittanica and reading Ray Bradbury short stories.

At 18 he read T. S. Eliot's The Wasteland, and from there Baudelaire's Flowers Of Evil

3. Twenties[edit]

At the start of his twenties Paul was studying at Suffolk College, resitting his A-Levels. He chose to do English Literature again because he knew he could get a better result. He chose to study Psychology and Media Studies alongside that.

This allowed him to get the results he needed in order to go to university. Unlike his first time choosing universities based on music festivals, this time he chose his university based on whether or not there was a French language component to the English Literature course. Keele University in Staffordshire won out.

Alongside English Literature he studied Philosophy, and to make the education a bit broader he has to take a course in Computer Studies and Education Studies.

Paul got a 2:1 BA (Dual) Hons in English & Philosophy.

4. Thirties[edit]

The age of 32 signalled the end of the UK adventure and the start of the US adventure.

Paul was part of a writing site called Writer's Cafe, and there was a get together being organised by Ilene Lush in New York in Chelsea as part of the Write The Future project

5. Forties[edit]

He limped over the finish line of his fortieth birthday. It was a big achievement given the previous year's bad health. For a while he believed that he was unlikely to find love again, but found it with his best friend Natasha Szmidt.