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001. Seeing The Wood For The Trees - Using paperli

002. The Birds Are Singing In The Trees - Tweeting

003. At The Watering Hole

004. Jungle VIP

005. The Bare Necessities

006. Clearwater Website Design

007. Clearwater Web Design

008. Clearwater SEO

009. Clearwater Online Marketing

010. Clearwater Internet Marketing

011. Writing In The Jungle

012. Up In A Puff Of Smoke

013. Another Bite Of The Apple

014. PR Marketing - Marvel Heroes For Hire

015. Brillo Pads, Soup Cans, And The Modern World

016. A Broken Clock

017. Why Buy A Book?

018. Customer Service & PR

019. Drones

020. Streetnet - Information Wants To Be Shared

021. Cool Stuff

022. Unboiling Eggs And Cancer Cures

023. Sherlock And The PC

024. Newsletters Resurgent

025. Bruce Sterling At Ted Talks On Design Fictions

026. How Do You Spin It? Selling Records

027. Sold On The American Football Field

028. Searching For A Search Engine Solution

029. The Internet Giants And The Ad Blockers

030. Net Neutrality

031. Personal PR

032. The Outspoken Artist & PR: A Handshake Is Better Than A Slap

033. Under Fire For Imaginary Grenades – Brian Williams & Iraq

034. Ello Vs. Facebook: A Simpler Aesthetic

035. The Matrix Has You: Advertising & The Film Industry

036. Repackage, Reimagine, Reboot – The Movie As Pre-Chewed Food

037. Bad PR For Journalists

038. The Talking Dead – Phone Calls & Bad PR

039. We Don’t Need Roads Or Robots Where We’re Going

040. Mockingbird Sings Again – Harper Lee’s PR

041. Everyone Loves Metrics

042. Self Sufficient Artists And Merchandising

043. GMOs – PR For A Problem Product

044. Concept Cars Over Cookie Cutter Blandness

045. Brand Out Of Hand – IS And Their Image

046. Marshal, Me, Alvy Singer, And An Abacus

047. Advertising And Atemporality – From Buddy Bolden To William Gibson

048. Dove Soap & The Power Of Positivity Marketing

049. A Sea Of Information – Navigating With Coolhunters

050. Jerry Seinfeld And Lies About Advertising

051. Yahoo At 20

052. Amazon And Netflix – A New Model For TV Content Providers

053. The Unmourned Death Of Internet Explorer

054. Politics And Lattes – Starbucks Race Together Campaign

055. The Subject Of Water – Nestle, Water & Human Rights

056. Google Doodles – A Fun Advert For The Company

057. Hard Being Microsoft – Changing Tactics In How And What You Sell

058. Amazon, Hachette, Harper Collins, And The Battle For The Book Market

059. Tim Cook’s Apple and ResearchKit Promise Interesting Developments

060. The 434 Revolution – Marketing As An Independent Writer

061. ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ – Leaks And Movie Marketing

062. Google Project Fi – Doing Good Things For People

063. Dave Grohl And Others Love Record Store Day

064. Apple Watch Ads Are Seductive

065. Disney & J J Abrams Resurrect Star Wars

066. Zuckerberg Gives Us Facebook Safety Check

067. Bad Jokes Make For Bad Advertising

068. The Rolling Stones, The Fort Harrison, and Satisfaction – Clearwater Connections

069. Barack Obama Wishes you A Happy Mother’s Day – Presidential PR

070. Microsoft Windows As A Service – Windows 10, The Final Platform

071. Cory Booker – Using Twitter To Set A Good Example

072. Taking A Ride With Uber

073. Looking Through Windows 10 – Microsoft At The Cutting Edge?

074. Windows 10 Mail – Return To Sender

075. Taylor Swift And The PR Value Of Treating Fans Right

076. Android’s App Store Game Change

077. Spielberg And The Super Hero Movie

078. National Geographic In The Foxhole

079. The Million Man March And The Media

080. Je Suis Paris – Showing Solidarity Is More Than Good PR

081. David Bowie’s Blackstar

082. Let’s Talk About Lex, Baby – Advertising The New Superman / Batman Movie

083. Elon Musk, Lithium Batteries, And Environmental Programming

084. President Obama’s Funeral Fails

085. Apple Vs. The FBI

086. Black Holes, Gravity, And Reality – Making Science Interesting!

087. Panel Syndicate As A Publishing Model

088. The Role Of Fictional Presidents

089. Re-shooting Movies Is Suicide

090. Prince’s PR And Purple Reign

091. Beyonce’s Lemonade

092. Radiohead: Blank Screen Advertising

093. Punk At 40: Filthy Lucre?

094. Everything Is Bad For You, Everyone Wants To Kill You, And Nothing Good Ever Happens

095. Adjusting Your Signal To Noise Ratio

096. Muhammad Ali – The Greatest At Self Promotion And More

097. Time Magazine’s Timely Covers

098. The Chelsea Handler Netflix Experience

099. The Philosophy Of Battle Weapons – Programming The Environment With Your Products

100. Pokemon Go – A Game That Gets You Out And About!

101. No Voice Recognition For Me

102. Facebook: A Technology And A Media Company

103. Sloganeering – All In A Phrase

104. Are Honest Politicians Really As Rare As Hen’s Teeth?

105. Celebrity And Politics

106. A New Definition Of Healthy – The Shifting Language Of The FDA

107. Truth Sells, Dishonesty Paints A False Picture

108. Trump And Clinton: Marketing A Hobson’s Choice

109. PC BS or The History Of Dissembling & The Quicksand Of Safe Zones & Trigger Words

110. Marketing An End: Hellboy In Hell

111. Post Fact Politics Is The Ugly Offspring Of Post Fact Journalism

112. Pokemon Go Conquers Halloween

113. Media Bias Is The Stock In Trade Of The News Reporting Industry

114. Echo Chamber Confirmation Bias Feedback Loops & Other Symptoms Of Walled-Garden Culture

115. When Presidents Endorse: The Pitfalls And Plus Points Of Presidential Favor

116. Busted Hip Crippling The Critical Systems

117. The Problem Of Privacy On The Internet

118. The Proof Is In The Proofing

119. Closure In Media – A Double Edged Sword

120. Paint A Vulgar Picture – On Their Hands A Dead Star

121. Disruption: The New Lingua Franca Of Media

122. No More Death Stars Or Reboots Please

123. Basquiat Stands Alone

124. Twin Peaks: The Return

125. No One Does That Anymore – Marketing A Supposed Decline

126. Time To Repackage – Operating In A Disruption Environment

127. Political Not Polite, Direct Not Dissembling

128. Yawntech

129. A Paying Market For Artists - Starts With Putting Hands In Pockets

130. Comic Books Don't Need To Be Made Into Films

131. Escapism Versus The Daily Barrage Of Disruption

132. 13th Doctor Revealed & The Reactions

133. Innovation And The Evolutionary Necessity Of Moonshots - Thinking In Futures

134. Sousveillance - With A Whimper Not A Bang

135. No Ghost In The Shell - What A Bad remake can Teach Us

136. Letterman on Netflix

137. Step In The Ring - The Circle Arrives

138. What Does GAFA Mean For Everyone?

139. Courting The Backfire - The Ill-Advised Notion Of Smear Campaigns

140. Betting On Vaporware

141. Airbnb Disaster Response Tool

142. Daft Punk - The Genius Of Anonymity In The Midst Of Celebrity Culture

143. Another Blip On The Wall - Facebook Snooze

144. Game Of Thrones - Checkmating The Leaks

145. Twitter Expanding To 280

146. Pushback Against The Gig Economy

147. Star Trek Discovery - To Boldly Go

148. Alternate Film Futures Or Why Sci Fi Isn't A Predictive Medium

149. AI And The Future

150. End To End Encryption Isn't The Problem

151. Government Social Media Programs

152. Amazon Re-Keying The Future

153. From Pokemon To Harry Potter

154. A New Star Wars Trilogy By Rian Johnson - The Force Is With Him

155. The Culture Of Give It To Me Now

156. Purchasing Personal Propaganda Machines

157. Smart Writing From Moleskine For Microsoft

158. Free Play Mechanics Are A Spanner In The Works

157. Marvel Vs. DC: Avenger's Infinity War And Justice League

158. Microsoft Windows Sets - A Browser Revolution

159. Neil Young Rockin' In The Free World

160. Cryptokitties Snarling Up the Blockchain For Ethereum Users

161. Robot Jobpocalypse At Walmart

162. Extremism Tax - Making Social Media Platforms Responsible

163. Disney Imagineering And Girls Who Code

164. The Sackler's - Makers Of Oxycontin, And Their Marketing Triumph

165. 2018 Brings Healthier Donuts For Dunkin Donuts

166. Vuzix AR Glasses Are Apparently What Google Glass Wanted To Be

167. Check Out The Lack Of Checkout With AIPoly

168. The Drama Of Spacex And The Zuma Load

169. A Text To End Your End Phone Contract

170. Only Connect

171. Uber And It's Drivers are Being Promoted

172. The Promise Of Blockchain

173. Black Panther, Technology, And The Real Tech Start Ups IN Africa

174. Mystery - The Most Important Ingredient

175. Where Does The Future Of Journalism Lie?

176. Let's Spread Some Good news

177. Societal Mediation

178. Cat Ears On Your Car Vending Machine

179. Horizon Smart Glasses Give Blind Users A Virtual Guide

180. A Shift To Lyft

181. Here Together With Facebook Forever

182. Compassionate Tech

183. Happy Memorial Day

184. For The Man On The Street Or The Expert?

185. Digital Wellbeing And Apple

186. Thinking About Futures

187. Zuckerberg And Cook And Facebook And Apple

188. China Built A Social Media Control Mechanism For Its People

189. My 11 Year Faceversary

190. Combating Trolls While Protecting Privacy

191. Anthony Bourdain, I'm Sorry I Missed Out

192. Behind The Mac

193. What Is The Buzzazz Hive?

194. Juneteenth

195. The Conners - Handling PR Problems