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001. Too Much To Keep Up With Sometimes

002. Where Do I Stand In A Foreign Land?

003. Hacker Clean Up

004. A Clumsy Personal Look At Race

005. Millennials Don't Exist

006. Thank You, Donald

007. Youth And Age

008. Health Is Valid

009. Check Yourself

010. Peeing In The Mainstream

011. Blank Badge, Empty Hand

012. Ubering About

013. Burn The Milquetoast

014. Selling Isn't About The Art Of Bullshit

015. Exit Safe Spaces, Fire Trigger Words

016. Disunion Flagging

017. So, You Know About Poetry, Eh?

018. No More One Night Stand Marketing Ploys, Please

019. Reinventing The Wheel Every Week

020. All The Broken Artists

021. Be Ready To Change Your Mind All The Time

022. Take In Dissenting Viewpoints

023. Old Fucking White Dudes And My Race For Eternal Youth

024. Why Burn A Flag When It Means Nothing To Me?

025. All The Four Letter Words I Hold Back

026. Intention Beard

027. And with strange aeons even death my die

028. Oh, The Shaved Head?

029. You Can Totally Choose Your Family

030. Learning Not To Bitch At Cats For Being Cats

031. You Are A Quantum Computer

032. When You Have Nothing To Write, Write More

033. Hate On Clickbait

034. Some Days Old As Dirt; Other Days Like A Newborn

035. The Perfect Front Man

036. The Disconnect Of Being Ex-Step

037. The Role Choice Plays

038. Embracing The Notion Of Dis-Education

039. Don't Preach To The Choir

040. Something Beyond The Bipartisan?

041. Pause To Percolate

042. Write Something Positive For A Change, Motherfucker

043. Shibboleths And Other Insurmountable Objects

044. Life Skills Over Red Pills

045. Sometimes It Can Be Helpful To Tell Someone To Shut Up

046. Literal Not Literate

047. Know Better

048. Ambition Is The Engine Of My Writing

049. Happy To Be A Hypocrite

050. Make Your Piece With Being Crap

051. Outside The Downpour Of White Male Tears

052. All The Genius Titles Are Flags Atop Block

053. Advice For The Anti-Didactic

054. Burn Your Flag, Fly Your Flag

055. Thanks, Mum & All The Girls I was Friends With

056. Fuck The Need to Coin An Opposition Moniker

057. Logic In The Era Of Facepalm

058. The Attraction Of The Air-Gapped Life

059. Being A Good Guy Isn't Enough

060. America, I Love You, But You're Hard To Digest

061. of lower case importance

062. My Irma Experience

063. Being Followed And Not Liked By The Government

064. Junk Male

065. Does Trump Only Speak To Americans?

066. What Horses For What Courses?

067. I Want The Clap

068, Side Hustle Hassle

069. Nanowrimo - Novel Tactics

070. Small Village Attitudes To Handling Abuse

071. Dad Hanging Around

072. News Anchors Away

073. Cat’s As Life Coaches

074. Not Accepting Accepted Wisdom

075. No Disappointment

076. Imagine Provocative Super Interesting Title

077. Misery Doesn’t Love Company

078. Steven Universe Is My Spirit Animal

079. whitesplaining

080. Project Runway

081. Your Emotions And Your Creations

082. IRL

083. Can You Just Write The Whole Thing For Me?

084. The Year Of Held Tongue

085. Humanize Even The Monsters

086. Clickhate

087. You Don’t Have To Be Fucked Up To Be An Artist

088. The Stranglehold Of Hyperbolic

089. Future Month

090. The Birth Of Apathy

091. Every Story Is For You, But Not Every Story Is For You

092. Stop Giving A Fuck To Start Giving A Fuck

093. Presidential Age Limit

094. Trickle Down

095. Catch Pause

096. Toiling In Obscurity

097. No News Is Good News