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001. Immediacy In Marketing

002. Engagement Over Impressions

003. The Game Of Fake News

004. The Areas Where Marketing Doesn't Apply

005. The Battle For Interesting Content

006. Pokemon Slow

007. Amazon, Wholefoods, And A Grocery Future

008. Pick Up The Rock - Problem Solving

009. Come Back Clippy

010. Net Neutrality, The Boomerang That Keeps Coming Back

011. Is It Hard To Be Positive?

012. Surveys Are Your Lifeblood

013. Alexa Should Know Me Better

014. Accentuate The Positive

015. Should We Even Care About Monopolies?

016. Bye-Pod

017. Be Like The Borg

018. Living Amongst The Fossils Of Too Big To Fail

019. Solutions Are The Thing

020. Getting The Story Straight On The Same Page — Avoiding The Need For Reactive PR

021. Bingewatch And The Shape Of TV

022. Elon Musk Versus Skynet Or Why Killer Robots Are Bad

023. Love For The Bug Bugged

024. Cliffhangers Versus Closure

025. Design And SEO Need To Work Together

026. The Integrity of Twin Peaks

027. A Formula For Creativity

028. Gaming The System Is A Shortcut To Failure

029. Mohawk Tribe Holding Patent For Big Pharma Company

030. The Art Of Copywriting

031. The Success Stories From Nanowrimo

032. Project Loon And Wi-Fi For Puerto Rico

033. Tesla And the 100 Day Battery Challenge

034. Voting Machines Have A PR Problem

035. Equifax — Bouncing Back Like A Boss

036. Flippy The Burger Flipper

037. Face Palm Identification

038. Marketing Your Good Character

039. Are Fake Ads And Fake News Really The Issue?

040. Uber Over All

041. Some Robots Are Good

042. Before The Ring, Before The Hobbit

043. Tweets From A Country Where Twitter Doesn’t Fly

044. The Politics Of Social Media

045. Thanksgiving

046. No Truck With Drivers

047. Black Friday Billionaires

048. Frederick Douglas Wants To Have A Talk

049. Flippy’s Friend Is Coming To A Warehouse Near You

050. A Subscription Car Service — A New Model?

051. Start Them Early With Messenger For Kids

052. Marvel Starts To Podcast: Wolverine, The Long Night

053. Surveilled Rather Than Surveyed

054. The Discomfort Of The Facebook Poke

055. Disney — The Mouse Now Owns The Fox

056. These Are not The Droids You Are Looking For

057. Private Space Travel Companies

058. The Swift Life

059. AmazonTube For Echo Echoes YouTube

060. Promoting Free Speech

061. Big Sites Blocking Ad Blockers

062. TV Shows Resurrected

063. Apple And Apps

064. Children And The Internet

065. Halt And Catch Fire

066. Marketing Man-made Meat

067. Drone Wars

068. Kodak And The Blockchain

069. Jewelry By Dell

070. Voice Activation Is King At CES

071. Bill Ford Follows Henry With New Electric Cars

072. Lyft Driving Driving Habits

073. The Enforced Evolution Of Journalism

074. Amazon And The Future Of Retail

075. Uber Has No Customer Support Number

076. How Much Clunkiness Will You Tolerate?

077. Human And Machine Learning

078. Portable Gene Sequencing And Editing To Change The Medical Field

079. The Government And The Internet

080. Pitching Technology Addiction

081. Fixing Things Up After The Russians

082. Technology Disenchantment

083. Cheer Up, Mass Media

084. Kids Are Actually Engaged

085. So Many Good Ways To Communicate

086. Everything You Do Should Be Helpful

087. Putting The Social Back in Media

088. Put Down The Cookie Cutter And Listen

089. Ride Sharing Services Giving Medical Transport

090. NRA, DT

091. Handling Robo-diallers And Script Readers

092. Ride Sharing Services Giving Medical Transport

093. The Personal Touch

094. Enhancement Rather Than Replacement

095. Lazy In The Driving Seat

096. Out-think The Problem

097. Here Are The Best Bits, Forget The Rest

098. Information Control

099. Be Interested In People

100. Niche Markets Seem More Optimistic

101. The Non-Story

102. The Blessing Of Gatekeepers

103. People Are Interesting

104. Ethical Social Media

105. The Cost Of Data Privacy

106. We May Be The Robots Coming To Take Our Jobs