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I met Natasha Szmidt in 2009 when we were working on staff at Tampa Church Of Scientology, and we got on pretty well from the outset, sharing similar tastes in music, art, and literature. We remained friends for a subsequent 5 years, and I had been divorced for 2 years before we started our relationship.

We got engaged a year after we started dating.

Natasha is a great artist, whose work I have always found inspiring. She is a great writer and has an amazing voice. She supported me through the launch of Musehick Publications as an imprint printing others' work, and did most of the hard graft in terms of editing the first collection we put out, Wine Dark Mother And The Trappers Son by Jim Churchill-Dicks. She designed the cover for the first Fiction Designate collection; is going to illustrate the first book we are publishing by Ben Keenan; is writing for the second volume of The 434 Revolution, and is working on her own novel, and possible poetry collection.