Organisations I Have Been A Member Of

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Write The Future[edit]

This group was the reason I came to America. They had a reading in New York, hosted by Ilene Lush

434, The[edit]

The 434 is a group of writers writing 434s, a type of fiction dreamed up and initially written by Broadie Thornton, of which I was a member.

Apart from myself and Broadie, the group included Ben Umstead, Jinxie Gervasio, Michael Lawrence, Jay Marentay, Vince Cancasci, Amy Koz Marvel, Rob Camasco, Angel Ashton, Mona Bethke, Ivy Helix, Rachel Helm and Corey Michael Smithson.

Friends Of The Earth[edit]

Not exactly an organization that I joined for any noble reasons. I was totally behind what they were trying to do, but I did, in reality, sign up because of a cute girl.


Greenpeace got me to sign up for exactly the same reason - I found the girl with the sign-up clipboard amazing, and so signed up.


Loom was started in response to an idea floated by Warren Ellis that suggested a bunch of people getting together and maybe dividing up the week and posting original content as part of an art or writing collective. Loom was the first of these groups that I joined.

The members apart from myself were Alex Williams, Juan Santapau, Ben, and Renee.

There were a couple of exquisite corpses that we created, but my main contribution was poetry, and Mool the first instalment of what would later become Tales Of The Knotlands

National Geographic[edit]


This site, started by Bram E. Gieben was a great group of guys, that, like Loom spun out of the same suggestion for art collectives made by Warren Ellis on the Whitechapel forum. My main success on this site was from Weapon Eyes, Sir, which as serialised on the site, but I also published the first short story that eventually became Mathspace, I got wider recognition for Ortoematic which had two shorts published in the Weaponizer Magazine, and for the intended 3rd magazine, I wrote Packaged Truth from which the whole macro-series, This Burning World was eventually derived.