Proximity alert

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Front Cover[edit]


Publishing Date[edit]



This book is dedicated to my muse, who found me by a lake, said yes by a river, and married by the sea.

List Of Stories[edit]

Watching The Pile Of Salt

Threshing About

Spitball Badge

Gone Back




Cunt Role


Summary Execution

Strange Buildings

New Year

Single Story Building

Maps Others Would Burn

Weird Magnet


Lying Here

Cold And Grave

Undoing Til Undone

Where Shadows Fall

Fate Moves Sideways

Clean Up

Dead Time

Book Blurb[edit]

"Proximity Alert is a collection of stories from the pen of Paul Grimsley that will take you closer to some people than you ever wanted to go. Staked out in the uncomfortable territory of a blooming bruise, Proximity Alert guides you through the haunts of childhood, the corridors of death, obsessive love: the fecund minds of those whose dreams are nightmares for others. Let yourself be consumed by another's obsession; try on another's skin for a day."

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