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Chronological Order Of Publishing

suite of desolate elegance, a 3/5/2006

warchalking 5/18/2008

proximity alert 6/13/2008

all flesh is grass 6/22/2008

chameleon's wardrobe, the 6/22/2008

contact wounds 6/22/2008

slice of water, a 6/22/2008

subtle tongue, the 6/22/2008

mote 6/22/2008

methodical breathing 3/13/2009

foundshine 3/17/2009

homunculus 3/17/2009

Dirt Track Epiphanies 8/1/2009

Hardwired 8/1/2009

peripatetic 8/9/2009

Directional 10/4/2009

bum notes and bullshit to break hearts 10/5/2009

loose schools of the holy fools, the 10/6/2009

perplexhinge 10/6/2009

back it up 10/7/2009

gestalt 10/8/2009

soporifica 10/15/2009

in a room full of sad automata 1/19/2010

threnody for john doe, a 1/28/2010

paralysis of prophets, the 1/30/2010

dirt in the mix 2/3/2010

bullshit kingdom 2/4/2010

cunt and other lesser flowers, the 2/4/2010

down duchamp's toilet 2/4/2010

coffee cusp 2/5/2010

rewind zen 3/8/2010

antediluvian aubade, an 3/22/2010

asides besides 3/22/2010

faith book 3/22/2010

spill stills 3/22/2010

loose changes and notes 3/23/2010

onwards delve 3/23/2010

grid rides 8/11/2010

labrat prophet blues 8/11/2010

synaesthesia ballet, the 8/11/2010

maya's pace 8/12/2010

childseed myths 8/13/2010

domestic 8/13/2010

vatic drive 8/13/2010

an honest look 8/14/2010

in the kingdom of the blind 8/14/2010

pre-deluge dreams 8/14/2010

sunsliver 8/14/2010

waiting room 8/15/2010

anchorite 10/19/2010

backwater breathings 11/4/2010

knowledge of feet, the 12/12/2010

undertrack, the 12/12/2010

decay's index 12/14/2010

human condition, the 12/16/2010

Grown In Blood 5/17/2011

gold reeds 6/10/2011


future's scrawl


adaptive re-use

palmFIST elegies for peacetime

broken sticks, the

Ergodic Stochastic

vulcan's set ember

dreaming yourself between

Suppress If

react sun


i am a bastard poet


ballet of bioluminescence, a

New Bruises

Orchid House, The

wormwood & hyacinths

contingent haphazards

pitching the end of the world

like my january

barbarous babblings of a polymath, the

bric-a-brac and knick knacks

Wine-Dark Mother and the Trapper's Son