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I am the product of Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian household. Neither of my parents attended church that regularly, and as a result neither did I. I read The Bible from cover to cover when I was 5 and asked my dad some questions that he didn't particularly have any answers for.

I attended a holiday club at the local Baptist church when I was a kid, where I had to take my Bible to win point, and learned some viewpoints on the Bible. It was kind of relaxed, and I actually enjoyed attending it quite a lot.

I began to drift away from it when I started to read more, and looked at my own relationship with God and what the whole thing was doing for me, and it became an unworkable system for me in my life.


I kind of dabbled in this as I grew disenchanted with Christianity but I didn't dig the whole wait and see vibe of it. It seemed horribly non-committal, and I had never been one for sitting on the fence. I think I pretty soon substituted the word with "undecided" and left it at that. Continuing my search with no official label attached.


Never really my bag - didn't make too much sense to me as a concept. Way too reductive. I don't ever want to go into agreement with the notion that I am just a sack of meat being driven around by a bunch of chemical and subatomic processes ... strip away my free will and what does any of it count for?

I know more than a few people who use this term, and don't really have a full conception of what it is that they are saying about the nature of the universe, and themselves. Sure, this is not true of all Atheists - some of them have it pretty worked out.

Zen Buddhism[edit]

I started my brush with Buddhism back when I discovered Jack Kerouac and Dharma Bums and Desolation Angels and then eventually I bought The Cave Of Tigers, read Siddartha by Herman Hesse and found it more compelling as a religion than Christianity, mainly because it seemed less dogmatic and more driven by the self.


I got into Scientology back in 2009, courtesy of my ex-wife Wendy Giordano. I first read Dianetics - this would have been in October, after attending a Dianetics Seminar. Following this I studied Science Of Survival, and then trained as a Dianetics Auditor.