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As Editred started to peter out, or at least become a more problematic site for me to post work on, I started to shift my attention to Writer's Cafe, and there was definitely a buzz that started to be generated by it, and the way that it allowed you to create groups and competitions.

It is the place where Writers, Prizefighters, Caffeine-Inspired All-Nighters was created. Through Ilene Lush it got me to visit the US for the first time. Introduced me to my ex-wife, Wendy Giordano, and helped me to meet Broadie Thornton, the creator behind the 434s.

It is also, on a darker not, the first place that taught me the lesson of not typing directly into the browser so much, and backing up my work. I was in Chicago, in a place where Ilene had set it up for us to record some spoken word, and I ran out of stuff to record, and so turned to the site for more of my work, only to discover it all gone. That moment pretty much killed the site for a lot of people, and as the regulars drifted away and stopped maintaining the standards and driving out the bad emo cutter poetry, so the site became a pale shadow of its former self.